Alan Palmer is a writer and an action. His main roles are the Alien Ranger “Corcus” on Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers (1995) and Power Rangers Zeo (1996), besides directing and acting on the musicale dirigir e atuar no musical Fabulous Divas of Hollwood, where the action player 32 famous women (watch a very funny preview here). Alan is very cheerful person with an amazing astral, and we are very honored for the opportunity to talk with him, which can be read on our text interview as follows:


Serial Cookies: Starting with your writer side: what inspires you most and what do you like most to write about? Can we expect new writing works from you? If so, can you tell us a little about these projects?
Alan Palmer: I LOVE writing! I have been a writer for around 22 years. I first started writing music and lyrics. I would find something small that might make me stop to think and go from there. I have written a few films, a couple of books, a dozen plays and I am constantly writing something down to hopefully come back to it at some point. I am actually writing an homage to super heros. About a group of actors who were on a television show and asked to fight crime.


Serial Cookies: NOH8 is a very good non-profit campaign to promote gender equality and human rights through visible protests. How did you get into this such cool campaign for a better world?
Alan Palmer: I was infatuated by Adam Bouska’s incredible photography. I wanted to set up a great holiday card for my family to send out and asked it Adam would shoot them. He agreed and we set up a shoot. While we were there, his assistant, Chris Hayden found out that I was a Power Ranger and he said he wanted to get all of the ranger to do a shoot. We had a fabulous shoot at Adam’s studio with a lot of the rangers. I am very proud to be a part of this HUGE life changing project.


Serial Cookies: Talking about your incredible work, tell us how the creation process for “Fabulous Diva’s of Broadway” script besides directing and acting on this play? What were the greatest challenges?
Alan Palmer: Wow, thank you. I had a theatre that my family was running in Sherman Oaks, Californina. We were supposed to do one show and the rights were pulled due to a tour. I decided to pull out a show that I had been writing and did a first run of the show at our theatre. Many things changed with the show and we took the show to New York City for a long run Off-Broadway. After I wrote a second to the Divas trilogy entitled, Fabulous Divas of Hollywood. That is my favorite. We took that to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and then toured the show. The hardest thing about the shows are getting people to take you seriously when have worn all of the hats, getting theatre to book the show and trust that it will sell, and finally fitting a complete show i.e. sets, costumes, wigs, etc into two large bags to travel.



Serial Cookies: You played 32 divas, like mother and daughter Lisa Minnelli & Judy Garland, Audrey Hepburn, and many others. How was it to you to portrait so many important women in the history of movies?
Alan Palmer: I have admired these women for so long that it almost came to easy. I ONLY pay tribute to women that I truly admire…MINUS ONE! hehe. I only wrote these shows because I have aged out of the romantic lead roles and my voice and look didn’t fit dads, or older roles. SO, I have written these characters that I can play.


Serial Cookies: Which diva did you like most to play and why? Which one was the most complicated?
Alan Palmer: I think doing the Judy Garland Role is my favorite due to the tunes she sang and her register is near my range. The hardest role has to be Elaine Stritch! Her voice is so raspy.


Serial Cookies: Talking about your character in Power Rangers, how was it to play Corcus and being in a different season, a transition between Mighty Morphin and Zeo seasons? Did the character demand a very long makeup process and did the makeup let the acting and movement harder because of the “alien head”?
Alan Palmer: I love the character of Corcus! The great thing about the character is that most of the lines was given to Rajia (Delphine). I had to research what I thought my character would do and be. I decided that I would make a lot of connection through a mime sort of communication. He was a creature of wonder and found fascination in every new thing that would come into his view. The makeup started very complicated and by the end, they simplified it. It was cool getting complete casts of our heads. They put straws up our nostrils and poured the plaster over our entire head.


Serial Cookies: You played Corcus again not long ago in the MMPR the Last Ranger Parody VII, which hasn’t been realeased yet. Would you like Corcus to go back in any Power Rangers season in the future? Can you tell us more about this parody?
Alan Palmer: I would sincerely like to be asked back for either a film or series. It would be fun. As for the Last Ranger, it was a one day shoot. The star wrote, and directed the piece as well. As it was his fist film, it was a lot for him. It will be interesting seeing how the piece works.


Serial Cookies: About your character Pharis in Xena: Warrior Princess, what memories about the show and being on it could you share with us?
Alan Palmer: I was not on Xena. That is another Alan Palmer. They will not take that off of my IMDB page.


Serial Cookies: From all your career, which character was the most challenging one and which one is the most similar to you?
Alan Palmer: That is a great question. The short answer is none and all. I try not to play characters that are completely like me yet I have to bring elements of me to the character. When I am hosting television shows, that is closest to me because I’m not playing a character.


Serial Cookies: Being a man of multiple talents and great artistic versatility, what haven’t you done in show business yet to feel 100% satisfied?
Alan Palmer: Oh wow, there are so many things that I haven’t yet done.  I am 100% satisfied with life because I say yes to ALMOST anything. I love projects big and small and my greatest joy is my family, traveling, food and performing in any genre. HOWEVER, I wouldn’t mind doing a blockbuster film, a sold out Broadway show or a long running series.
Serial Cookies: Again, thank you very much for your time. We wish you the best, great success and we hope to see you in Brazil someday. Would you leave a message to Serial Cookies readers and Brazilian fans?
Alan Palmer: Thank you for asking these wonderful questions. It is refreshing to get NEW questions. I am a fan of Brazil and I hope one day to have the opportunity to go there! Hey Serial Cookies and Brazilian fans, thank you so much for all of your support and love that you send. Please know that it is deeply appreciated and I send it back to you 100 fold! Please keep sending great vibes to the universe! We need positive in the world! PEACE!

Thank you, Mr. Palmer!