From Oklahoma to Serial Cookies, we are honored to present you an interview with the owner of the sweetest smile of the Ranger Universe: Justin Nimmo, the Silver Ranger from Power Ranger in Space!

Besides the interview, we would like to present a surprise, a gift! Our team member and friend Cyro, developed a a game for computer and Android inspired on our interviewee and the other members of the show, and you will be able to play it through the following link: (if you get an error, try again until it works).


The game is available in many versions for you to play the way you find it better:

You can also choose between Portuguese and English.

Do not forget to share with us your experiences with the game, which level you got to and how many cookies you managed to collect. You need destroy asteroid, velocifighters, dodge meteors and get to Dark Specter, but you also need to collect cookies from Serial Cookies B Side to restore your energy. Who doesn’t like a good cookie, right? Even Justin got a taste of our cookies. Did he liked it? =)

Watch the interview on the video below to find out!

Justin: Thank you very much. We wish you great success and we hope to see you personally soon.

Until next time!


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